Culture and Vision

Tradition – Innovation – Responsibility since 1919

This requires continuous aspiration for control over decisions, for a business structure which can be adapted to the individual markets and environments, for an urge for innovation which is present in all company divisions as well as for a friendly and cooperative mode of interaction among all levels of employees.

An equal-ranking focus of company activities on the needs of employees and customers is the centre of long-term considerations and every-day actions. Motivated employees who are animated to top performance by their enjoyment of work are able to fully meet the requirements of complex customer relations even in detail. The motto, which has been an inherent part of FACKELMANN's external image since 1990, summarizes this concisely. "Content customers and committed employees guarantee permanent success". The most important pillars of the company culture are the above-average dedication of employees and the devoted commitment to the FACKELMANN family (the family spirit can still be sensed in spite of the growing company size) as well as the responsibility and care of the company management for their employees. FACKELMANN is aware of the fact that also the environment is part of sustainable success.

Therefore FACKELMANN is sponsor of social and charitable institutions and guarantees for the manufacture that human rights and social standards are adhered to and that also nature and the environment are respected in a responsible and sustainable manner. 

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