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"Zadowoleni Klienci i zaangażowani pracownicy stanowią podstawę naszego sukcesu!""


FACKELMANN i jego 39 spółek zwiększyły swój roczny obrót z 30 milionów w 1985 r. Do ok. 380 milionów euro. W tym samym okresie liczba pracowników wzrosła z 240 do około 3500 na całym świecie.



FACKELMANN and its 34 subsidiaries has increased its annual turnover from 30 million in 1985 to approx 270 million EURO. During the same period, the number of staff grew from 240 to around 3.500 worldwide.



Założenie firmy FACKELMANN przez Heinricha Fackelmanna.



Założenie firmy przez Sebastiana Fackelmanna

Zgromadzenie plenarne Organizacji Narodów Zjednoczonych.



Rozpoczęcie własnej produkcji drewna

Początek rosyjskiego statku kosmicznego z dwoma psami. John F. Kennedy zostaje prezydentem USA



New wood production factory

Karl Carstens becomes the fifth Federal President and the Britons elect Margaret Thatcher as the first female prime minister in Europe.



Start of production of plastic household articles

Prince Charles and Lady Diana marry.



New building with 11.000 m² floor space in Hersbruck industrial park with plastic production, packaging, administration

For the first time, a German team (Becker, Jelen, Stich) wins the Davis Cup. Boris Becker is the first German to win the New York Masters tournament and Stefanie "Steffi" Graf wins the Grand Slam as well as the Olympic Gold in Seoul.



Design of the FACKELMANN shelf systems 

The Berlin Wall falls and with it the DDR: "We are one people" and " Whoever comes too late is punished by life" become famous sayings.



Start of international business

The Berlin Reichstag Building is completely packaged by the packaging artist Christo.



A turnover of 130 million German marks with a total of 14 connected companies. 

The film "Titanic" breaks all box office records and dominates the Annual Academy Awards.



Take-over of the company Sanitär Julius Bauer GmbH

Introduction of the Euro on 1st January



FACKELMANN starts sales in Scandinavia and Benelux countries. The bathroom suite program System M becomes a bestseller, Top Filter vacuum cleaner bags find their way onto the shelves.

The biggest sporting event in 2000 is the Olympic Games in Sydney.



FACKELMANN bathroom suites now also available in France, Holland and Belgium!

No-one will ever forget this date: The 11th September 2001 changed the world.



Celebrity Axel Schulz is a hit as BBQ chef with FACKELMANN accessories; FACKELMANN household goods are now available in Italy.

The German team reaches the final at the Football World Championship in Japan and South Korea.



FACKELMANN takes over the production of Zenker baking forms, Aichach.

Michael Schumacher is the world champion for the 6th time with Ferrari



Course south-south-west: By integrating the spanish company Fabricados Inoxidables, Fackelmann is entering the spanish market.

The biggest sporting event in 2004 is the Olympic Games in Athen.

Michael Schumacher is the world champion for the 7th time with Ferrari



FACKELMANN venturing on the island: Take over of Probus, specialist in domestic goods based in Aldridge, West Midlands, England.

The world congratulates Joseph Kardinal Ratzinger for his election as Pope



Participation of the majority with Jensen, Group, Shenzhen/CN 

Football WM in Germany World-wide euphoria Germany becomes third



Opening of FACKELMANN branches in India and Dubai/CN

"The lives of others" wins the Oscar for best foreign language film!



Start of sales activities in the Asia-Pacific region(Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand)i/CN

China keeps the world on tenterhooks: an earthquake in Sichuan claims the lives of thousands of people and Beijing celebrates great Olympic and Paralympic games



Opening of the "Baking mould mecca of the South" at Zenker in Aichach Construction of new production and storage facilities with 10,000 sqm i/CN. Finally the increase in turnover hits the 270 million.

January 20th: inauguration of US president Barack Obama who was elected on Novermber 4th, 2008



FACKELMANN extends its business network by launching a new business unit in the Ukraine.

The XXI Olympic winter games took place from the 12th to the 28th of February 2010 in Vancouver the biggest city in the Canadian province British Columbia. The Chile Miracle – All 33 Chilean miners rescued after devastating mine disaster



New logistics centre opening in Hersbruck.

2011 women’s football world championship in Germany The theme of the final round: ‘20ELEVEN SHOWING ITS NICEST SIDE!’



FACKELMANN takes over the controlling shareholder of Smart Brands Pty. Ltd., Double Bay NSW

Acronyms ruled europe (EFSF, ESM)
Syria bursts 
football EM and London 2012 inspired the fans
Duel Obama vs. Romney fascinates USA



January 2013: FACKELMANN starts at Zenker Backformen, Aichach, sales under license of Dr. Oetker baking forms and kitchen tools.

New leaders at Vatican (Holy Father Pope Francis I.) and in China (Xi Jinping). In Germany, the decisions of Agenda 2010 show their results



FACKELMANN Italy moves to new site in Varedo (Nov. 2014)

FACKELMANN Croatia is proud of the new building in Kupljenovo for administration and warehousing.

FACKELMANN growths due to major acquisition of McPherson Australia and New Zealand

The Football World Cup in Brasil takes Germany to heaven.. Jogi´s boys win the title !

The Krim crisis shocks the world

Conchita Wurst and Rise like a Phoenix. This song gets the first Place at the ESC for Austria.



FACKELMANN opens new factory sites in Poland.

Excited customers at shows and fairs: FACKELMANN is launching the bathroom furniture Series ix! and new lightning and mirrors.

Lithuania starts with the Euro !

25 years of German reunification. Germany is celebrating …..and the world is joining us !

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